Contact is honored as one of the sustainability leaders in the Middle East 2023

Cairo 5 November 2023

Contact Financial Holding, the leading provider of non-banking financial services in Egypt, actively took part in the Forbes Middle East Sustainability Leaders’ Summit 2023. This summit stands out as a premier initiative to explore energy transition possibilities in the region and its potential for progress.

The summit brought together international leaders in sustainability, technology, finance, and policy under one roof in Abu Dhabi on November 2-3, 2023, and was chaired by His Excellency Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of State for Foreign Trade for the UAE. The summit featured the distinctive theme, “Driving Economic Growth For A Greener World.” During this summit, Contact was recognized as one of the sustainability leaders in the Middle East, acknowledging its significant and tangible role in promoting sustainability and environmental values in the region and beyond.

During his speech at the summit, Mr. Said Zater, CEO of Contact Financial Holding and President of the Egyptian Union for Consumer Finance, reaffirmed Contact’s commitment to promoting financial inclusion and improving the quality of life for current and future generations. He also emphasized Contact’s unwavering dedication to providing financial products and services that enhance environmental and economic sustainability. He stressed the importance of applying sustainability principles as a foundation to protect the planet and ensure the continued well-being of future generations.

Furthermore, Contact highlights the importance of technological advancement and digital transformation in achieving sustainability, affirming that these elements can be a fundamental part of economic development. The group believes that technological innovation and the use of clean energy sources can contribute to improving the environment and achieving sustainability simultaneously.

Commenting on Contact’s recognition at the summit, the CEO of Contact Financial Holding expressed, “Contact Financial Holding has truly emerged as a leading force in the realm of sustainability in the Middle East. Our unwavering commitment to sustainability principles and our dedication to fostering environmental and sustainable development have been pivotal in this achievement. The recognition we received at this summit is a testament to our significant and tangible contributions in advancing sustainability and environmental values, not only within the region but also beyond its borders.”

Mr. Said Zater concluded his speech by emphasizing that sustainability and economic development can coexist, representing a comprehensive vision that brings together aspects of development and prosperity. He emphasized the importance of cooperation to build a better world for current and future generations, raising the flag of sustainability as a fundamental lifestyle and strategy for success.

Forbes Middle East Sustainability Leaders’ Summit 2023 aims to bring together business leaders, companies, governments, and academic institutions to discuss challenges and opportunities related to sustainability in the region, fostering the exchange of successful ideas and experiences. The summit featured a comprehensive program filled with keynote speeches, panel discussions, interactions, and opportunities for networking and relationship building. Contact’s participation in this summit reflects its strong commitment to sustainable development, underscoring Contact’s role as a pioneering company in the field of non-banking financial services. It is one of the first groups to embrace the concept of sustainability from the outset, with a strong belief that sustainability is an essential element for economic growth and sustainable development.


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