Nice Deer Expanding Digital Insurance Solutions Across 8 Leading Hospitals in Egypt

Cairo 29 October 2023:

Nice Deer, an InsurTech company specializing in developing a comprehensive integrated digital ecosystem for the health insurance industry in Egypt, announced the expansion of its services & platform to operate within hospitals.

This step aims to enhance the process of obtaining insurance services as well as settling inpatient and outpatient medical insurance claims in 8 prominent medical facilities, serving over 900k medical insurance beneficiaries on daily basis.

These hospitals include Dar Al Fouad Hospitals, Al Salam International Hospitals, Misr International Hospital, Al Nasaem Hospital, Dar Al Oyoun Hospital, and Arab Contractors Medical Center.

Through Nice Deer’s advanced platform, the 8 medical facilities will be able to verify the eligibility of beneficiaries, apply the terms of the insurance policy, and reduce the rejection rate of follow-up consultations while eliminating the misuse of the claim forms. Additionally, they will be able to receive all updated operating instructions and send error-free electronic prescriptions directly to pharmacies using QR technology.

This collaboration plays a vital role in realizing Nice Deer’s ambitious vision, centered around promoting digital transformation within the healthcare sector. By fostering close ties between the highly interrelated medical care providers and medical insurance companies, the vision empowers them to deliver world-class medical insurance services.

Nice Deer platform significantly expedites hospital approvals by eliminating human error rates and fraud attempts. Moreover, it saves valuable time and reduces costs for healthcare providers, pharmacists, and beneficiaries by enabling real-time transfer and reception of e-prescriptions through the platform.

Electronic prescriptions using QR technology have streamlined outpatient services by enhancing communication between hospitals and Third-Party Administrators (TPAs). This seamless interaction enables beneficiaries to swiftly secure approvals, request additional orders, and add them on the Nice Deer platform. As a result, patients can conveniently access approved prescriptions at pharmacies, ensuring efficient and hassle-free healthcare services.

About Nice Deer:

Nice Deer was founded early in 2022 by Engy Shalash and Mostafa Medhat, Founder of IT Fusion, the sister company of Nice Deer, which connects third-party insurance system management and insurance companies. Nice Dear operates a platform that acts as an intermediary for healthcare service providers, health insurance companies, and beneficiaries by facilitating insurance and reimbursement of claims. Using artificial intelligence technology, the platform analyzes medical data to detect fraud attempts and recommend medications based on the patient’s medical history.

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